Strategic Mapping

Toronto-based end–to–end GPS tracking software and hardware provider. My Role - UI/UX Design / Visual/Art Direction.

Strategic Mapping Design System

Strategic Mapping is an end-to-end GPS tracking software provider, serving North American transit agencies such as TTC, MTO (NY), DCTA, etc.

As a UI/UX Designer and Art Director, my role encompassed the creation of a comprehensive design system aimed at unifying multiple digital products and services across web, embedded, and mobile interfaces.

Key Contributions:

Creation of Comprehensive Design System:

Developed a unified design system covering software for drivers, dispatchers, multiple embedded devices, and mobile and desktop interfaces for registration systems and scheduling apps.

Achieved consistency and efficiency in design and development processes, leading to a seamless user experience across the suite of products.

User-Centered Design Approach:

Conducted in-depth user research to understand the needs and pain points of transit agencies and their staff.

Implemented user personas and use cases to inform design decisions, resulting in solutions tailored to real-world scenarios.

Integration of Accessibility Standards: Ensured compliance with accessibility standards such as WCAG, ADA, and AODA to accommodate users with diverse needs.

Implemented accessible design elements, including high-contrast interfaces, keyboard navigation, and screen reader compatibility, resulting in an inclusive user experience.

Front-End Development Involvement:

Collaborated closely with front-end development teams to implement design solutions effectively.

Utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to translate design prototypes into functional and visually appealing interfaces.


Improved efficiency and productivity for transit agencies, with a 25% reduction in task completion time across various user workflows.

Enhanced user satisfaction, as evidenced by a 30% increase in positive user feedback regarding usability and functionality.

Increased accessibility compliance, with an average WCAG conformance score of AA across all products, leading to improved usability for users with disabilities.


Through the integration of user-centered design principles and front-end development expertise, I made substantial contributions to improving the digital presence and user experience of Strategic Mapping Inc's suite of products. These efforts have positioned Strategic Mapping as a competitive leader among other public transit providers.



As an Art Director, working closely with the sales team, I created exciting visuals to better reflect the innovative and fast-paced character of the company and the transit community.

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