Strategic Mapping Inc is an end–to–end GPS tracking software provider, offering hardware design, software application and system integration services to North American transit agencies, such as TTC, MTO (NY), DCTA etc.

My Role - UI/UX Design / Art Direction.

UI/UX design for desktop app that allows real time access to bus routes, stops and schedules.

Transit systems software desktop UI /UX

Onboard embedded devices software UI, UX and Front End Development (Work in progress)

As a UX Designer at Strategic Mapping Inc, I had the opportunity to create a comprehensive design system that unified multiple digital products. Using user-centered design, I developed wireframes and prototypes for web, embedded, and mobile products with a focus on live data analytics. Thorough research allowed me to understand the needs of our target audience, and I collaborated closely with the development team to ensure visually appealing and functional products. One of the significant challenges was catering to a diverse user base, which I addressed through the implementation of pattern libraries, iconography, and accessibility standards. The result was a digital presence that exceeded user expectations and established a stronger brand identity. The products received positive feedback for their ease of use and visual appeal, making a significant impact on the brand's digital presence.

Scheduling interface for Jackson Transit and and Front End Development (Work in progress)

Scheduling Interface Design, and Front End Development (Work in progress)

Scheduling iOS app UI/UX

Bus scheduling mobile app UI/UX

Mobile app UI/UX

Mobile workflow progress

Registration System UI/UX

As an Art Director, working closely with the sales team, I created exciting visuals to better reflect the innovative and fast-paced character of the company and the transit community.

Consistent branding for marketing media channels - tradeshow display design.

Marketing materials that encourage community to explore the product line.

Consistent and responsive visuals. 

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