As the founder and designer at TJ Indigo, I've built the brand ground up, overseeing design, sourcing, production, marketing, and sales. TJ Indigo Clothing embodies sustainability, fusing style and comfort, handcrafted in Toronto from premium natural fabrics and dyed with plant based indigo. 

TJ Indigo designs have been featured in the Martha Stewart curated collection, on television and in publications like the Toronto Star as well as winning many awards and nominations. With a growing global customer base and participation in shows across Canada, including the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and the Circle Craft in Vancouver, our brand's influence reaches diverse audiences.

Ecommerce platforms and social media channels are key tools to grow brand's presence with a consistent visual narrative for the brand, art direction of marketing materials, photoshoots etc. Booth design and connecting with customers and visitors is another great way to share our story and offerings.

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